Somebymi Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream 50ml
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  • a bright skin.
  • a long-term whitening care and an immediate tone-up effect.
  • a product that provides wrinkle-improvement and whitening.
  • a cream that can be absorbed into the skin easily.
  • a moist tone-up cream that doesn't give any dryness.

Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream is for brightening skin tone and moisturizer skin.

  • Infused with 70% of Rosa Centifolia Flower Water to moisturize skin.
  • No artificial coloring- natural pink cream color that contains vitamin B12 extracts that give wrinkle Prevention +elasticity enhancement + skin regeneration + soothing effects.
  • Contains Glutathione and niacinamide which is whitening ingredients. Arbutin helps to protect the skin and maintain a healthy skin.
  •  A multiple care as it can be applied from head to toe.


How To Use:

After skincare routine, take a moderate amount and apply an even layer to the entire face.

What's in the box

Somebymi Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream 50ml