Secret Key 24k Gold Premium First Essence 150ml
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Brand Secret Key
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  • Skin elasticity and nutrition supply
  • Dual function whitening and wrinkle improvement
  • Long lasting moisture 

Contains 24k gold and honeysuckle extract that makes rough skin smooth, supplies water to skin and provides elasticity.


  • 8 kinds of concentrated care, which are skin texture organizing, whitening management, wrinkle improvement, soothing effect, supply, moisturizing effect, nutrition supply and oil and water balance.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, rough skin, dry skin and dark skin.
  • Boost skin condition and make excellent absorption.


How To Use:

Apply at first step of skincare routine, wet the cotton pad and spread evenly from inside to outside and tap lightly for absorption.

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Secret Key 24k Gold Premium First Essence 150ml